Music & Entertainment


Here at Cooking & Company we work with many highly skilled Musicians and Entertainers on a regular basis and would love to introduce them to you. They are often available to perform at guest functions; just be sure you book your event as early as possible so we can be sure they are available for your event. Sometimes the performers have regular events already booked so be sure to schedule your even early so as to not miss out on the entertainment.


Sanjay Sunam


Perhaps no one has ever played the piano better than Sanjay Sunam at Cooking & Company Restaurant.
His performances are from the heart and provide a relaxing atmosphere that cannot be
replicated. No one has ever had anything bad to say about his playing and or musical selections.

Tom Saputo

All in one entertainer!

Tom is one of the most popular entertainers that we have ever used at Cooking & Company Restaurant.
Tom is known for being a Renaissance Man. Whether you’re asking him to play the
classical guitar, the keyboard, or to act as a full band and play for you so that you can sing along, he can do it all.
In Tom’s case especially it is important to request him ahead of time due to his popularity.


 Carol Gaylor and Bruce Katsu

Dual Guitar

Looking for dual guitar act that performs beautiful classical music? Look no further!
Carol and Bruce form a wonderful musical couple. Their two guitars work together to create amazing melodies that
the customers of the Cooking & Company Restaurant were always happy to listen to. No one who has hired them
has ever been unsatisfied listening to their guitar and singing performances.


Full Jazz Band

Whether you are looking for 3 or 4 or 5 piece Jazz band, Kent has the band that you need.
Known for being flexible, Kent can provide calming music and a lovely singing voice .
You are sure to love him as an entertainer and a musician as all of us here at Cooking & Company do.

Belly Dancers

While music is always a great source of entertainment we also have dancers available to amuse guests! A great Persian tradition here at
Cooking & Company we have many great dancers that can entertain your party for an unforgettable evening!
Most of the music chosen by our dancers is Mediterranean/Arabic or Persian. However, if you wish to you may request
different music and themes which we are sure they can accommodate and add into their shows